December 11, 2018
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Cross Country Meet Registration

Online registration for cross country running meets is available here:

If you need a login or password, please click Can't Login?

If have previously setup login, you can retrieve it. If you don't currently have a login, you can create a new login.

Step 1 is to enter your roster, by either typing into the webpage or importing a text file of your roster. Click the My Roster link. 

Step 2 is to register members of your roster to a specific race. Click the Register for a Race link. Select the meet you will be attending. Then select (blue check box) which members of your roster are entering this race. (Please note: This is the meet attendance screen. Unchecking an athlete on this screen will remove them from the meet and from any divisions/events they were signed up for.) Click save at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 is to register each entrant into a specific division/event (varsity, jv, middle school). Check the box next to the athlete in the division/event they will be participating in and click save at the bottom of the screen. 

Check the "View Registrations" link to make sure your athletes are completely registered before you log off.

Please have your team registered at least two days before each meet you will be attending.

Once you have your roster setup, it will be there for the race season. You can login and keep it current (add, delete, modify) at any time. 

Roster Import

Our roster import works with csv files or tab delimited files in the following format: first name, last name, gender, grade, followed by an optional TFRRS-XC ID. If you choose to import a roster, your import file should look something like this:

John Doe M 12 654321TIM*OLSO

Jane Doe F 11 568945KIM*ANDE

Chris Smith M 9 941425JAM*THOM

Patty Smith F 10 123456JEN*LARS

Please note: Importing a roster does not delete your existing roster, rather it adds to it. If you'd like to modify your roster, please use the tools on the My Roster page.

Important: if you have two racers on your roster with the same first name, last name, gender and grade, they will import as the same racer. To import them as distinct racers, make the racers unique by adding a middle initial or nickname. For example

John Doe M 12

John Doe M 12

could be changed to something like:

John G Doe M 12

John Doe M 12

If you have any questions about importing a roster, please let us know. Importing a roster isn't required to create one or register for a race. All the tools to do so are provided on the My Roster and Register for a Race pages.

Hosting a Meet

If you are hosting a meet, please email us the following information at least a week before your event: list of races being held (girls varsity, girls jv, middle school, etc), list of races being scored (example you may be running the girls varsity and jv together but wish them scored separately), start time for each race, how many places you wish awards to go for each race, list of schools you are expecting to attend, the location of finish line & start line, and the location of parking and power for the timing truck/trailer. We need parking and power as close to the finish line as possible. Two volunteers for backup timing and helping at the finish line is usually sufficient for most events unless the meet is quite large.

Please inform all teams attending your meet to have their registrations submitted on our website registration page at least two days before the meet date.

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